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Mr. Hemal Patel is a successful and ambitious business owner of Eclipse Micro Computer, that has help to build and manage the large IT infrastructure of the most reputed USA firms like Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan, Dresdner Bank, Smith Barney & Shearson, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Insurance Company, AT&T Bell Laboratory, Amdahl Corporation and much more. His technical reputation and IT industrial experience brought Eclipse Micro Computer's annual growth 30% every year. His strategic direction in implementing the new technology IT infrastructure enabled their clients in managing the IT at lower administrative cost at highly effective customer service. Himself and his staff has the abilities to design the Large and completely fault tolerant IT infrastrucure that includes design and implementation of corporate LAN and WAN; Design, develop, test and deploy the business applications in mostly available industrial programming languages; Engineer, configure and test the client/server components made of Intel, Sun Microsystem, Amdahl, HP, and IBM architecture; re-engineer the existing business applications to port on to the client/server environment. Since, last three year Eclipse Micro Computer has focused to develop the State-of-Art Internet Service Provider in USA, Caribbean Island and India. He has single handed strength to design, test and configure the each components of ISP.